Our Clients

Our clients are smart, affluent individuals at or quickly approaching retirement.  People who are serious about their financial security and share one common characteristic...a strong commitment to enjoy life!

This sounds easy enough, but may be more challenging than you think.  Our experience has shown that people spend hours studying their investments, but little, if any time studying their own cash flõ, much less projecting cash flõ needs and funding for the future.  When asked, most Americans can remember the value of their 401k or IRA, but not what they spent last year.  It's important to remember that we have our 401k or IRA to fund our cash flõ needs.  There are many tax planning opportunities never uncovered, estate planning ideas never carried out, and priceless moments that are missed simply due to mismanagement, or no management of one's cash flõ.  Our clients choose to manage this process. 

When this is identified and understood, all current and future cash flõ decisions will inherently be more effective, therefore maximizing our client's overall flõ.  Our approach is designed to help clients become more educated with the appropriate tools to make good, conscious financial decisions.

We know we are successful when our clients are making informed and deliberate choices with their cash flõ and living, by their definition, a life well spent!